My name is Porter Hall. I have fished for trophy bass for over 35 years. My pursuits have led me to many waters in Florida, Southern California and Mississippi. During my first several years of guide fishing in the heavily vegetated lakes and rivers of Florida it became obvious that the bass, especially the big girls, would often be found in and around dense aquatic plants.  I began experimenting with many styles and sizes of hooks for fishing live bait in heavy vegetation. Standard hooks of the time resulted in repeated hang ups which wasted bait and disturbed the targeted fishing areas. I tried using the “weedless” hooks that were available at the time and found them to be inadequate. The weedless hooks then and now typically use moderate quality hooks and attach weed guards that are made of wire that is simply far too light to function well when used among plants and brush.


These experiences led me to attempt making hooks that would be more fishable in the plants as well as strong enough to hold up to big bass. I have made and improved on them many years. I have used them while fishing with golden shiners, waterdogs, crayfish etc. and am totally convinced that my “homemade” hooks have given me an advantage over the years. My circle of friends has been using these hooks over the past decade, and I believe with these modifications I have been able to design the best weed guard hook for big bass in heavy cover.


If you fish live bait for largemouth bass or other species and would like to more effectively use live bait in cover I hope you will give them a try.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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