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About Hall Hooks

My name is Porter Hall

I began bass fishing in Florida in the early 70’s and primarily used live Golden Shiners to target trophy bass. The bass are often located in and around heavy cover (grass, lily pads, brush, etc.) which complicates using live bait with conventional hooks. Expensive and scarce bait gets snagged, which disturbs the spot and results in increased bait loss.

The poor quality of weedless hooks commercially available lead me to designing better weedless hooks for my personal use. I use high quality base hooks and attach stainless steel leader wire formed to serve as the weed guard which is attached to the hook in a way that that is secure and durable. The hook weed guard system holds up to the rigors of catching multiple fish.

I sell three styles of hooks in a range of sizes to accommodate baits from 3-12 inches. I have customers that use them for wild shiners, Black Salties and crayfish. There are also anglers that really like the small Octopus and Wacky hooks for soft plastics.



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